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They looked kinda like this, only fucking psycho

So there I was

minding my own business, typing on the internet, telling the losers at some commie ass clown site all about the things the white man has lost and how much we want it back and shit. Like, bridge over troubled waters shit.

and these fucking niggers

come out of nowhere, all smiley faces and googily eyes and teeth up in there, and instead of going for the stuff in my mom's basement they make a break-dance line straight towards my page.

so I pulled out my laptop

to wipe the net clean of these monstrocities, but when I go to edit my page it's all gang-tackled, colorized and frozen-up hoody style, WTF?

I immediately threw an epic good-ole-boy hissy fit and within seconds incurred a major sinistral external abrasion and a severed brachialis radial.


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