That time I didn't appreciate your attitude towards my potato chip situation during my sojourn in Panera

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Tater chips
They kinda looked like this, only motherfucking soggy.

Dude, my potato chips were fucking soggy. Like, WTF?

So there I was

eating my fucking lunch, doing my ham and cheese sandwhich thing with a bag of Crunchers, mopeing about my pitiful excuse of a life, right? Like, pathetic lame-ass shit.

and then fucking you

burst out of nowhere, musk all over the place, and instead of being careful, you made a trashline towards me and spilled water on my basket of Crunchers.

so I lost my

temper and yelled at you for being an inconsiderate son of a bitch, and you laughed at me! WTF?

I barely let you get away without apologizing to me and buying me another goddamn bag.

No, seriously. You really pissed me off that day.

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