Textile Mill, Georgia
Downtown-Square (1)
Motto: "Visit Our Town, To Check Out Our History About Child Labor Days"
Official nickname English: "The City Of Children" "The Sewing Town"

Ebonics: "It's Yo Mills Life" "It's Yo Town To Text And Drive"

Southern: "Text All Mill (Northern Way)" "Textile Mill (Southern Way)"
Official language(s) Southern English, Ebonics, Chinese, Indian
Mayor Purav Vashim
Established 1895
Currency US dollars, weed, crack, coke, marijuana, tobacco, Paper Cutter

Also Known As: Textile Mill, GA

Textile Mill, Georgia is a Town in Green County, Georgia, known for a Former Child Labor Factory that Closed Down when Child Labor Ended.

The Child Labor History is in Downtown Textile Mill, Georgia Currently.

The City Is Located NorthEast Of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Factory Had A Water Tower But No Water For Kids To Drink.


Textile Mill Factory In 1916

What Is Child LaborEdit

Child Labor is where Kids had to work In Textile Mill, GA in the town's Factory.

All the Kids in the U.S.A. were Sent from their Homes to the Factory where they had to Work.

They Made $0 Per Day because Child Labor is Stupid and they were Trapped in the Factory for Years


Inside The Textile Mill Factory In 1916

Textile Mill In 2016Edit

The Town is Currently known for History of Child Labor information located In Downtown Textile Mill, GA


Closed Down Textile Mill Factory In 2016

Textile Mill, GA LocationEdit

The City is Located in Central, Green County, GA

200px-Map of Georgia highlighting Green County.svg

Map Of Textile Mill, GA In Green County


The Weather is Usually -10°F On most Days.

There is Snow everyday.

The Weather usually is nice And Warm


Yay! There is no School, Children can do whatever they want, and they get to Play with their Friends, Go on Vacation, Play Video Games, Etc

Nearest CitiesEdit

Main article: Atlanta, Gorgee

Atlanta, GA-Textile Mill is 30.3 miles away from Atlanta, GA


There is a lot of vandalism going on at the former Child Labor Factory and in The Alleyways of Downtown buildings. Gangs are hanging out in Downtown