Texas A&M University

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Texas A&M University
Sm bonfire
Motto Gig em' Aggies!
Established 1876
School type Public
Head Darth Vader & the The Imperial Wizard
Location College Town, Texas ?, USA
Campus Aggie Land
Endowment 12 inches
Faculty Illinois Nazis
Mascot Charlie, the happy negro

“Pardon me, but I do believe that your thumb is in my ass.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Multiple Occasions at Aggie Football Games

edit Academics

Texas A&M, established in 1876, built on morals and utmost comaraderie, was originally a military college funded by state money for improvements in agriculture.

Aggie life is something which "from the outside looking in cannot be understood and from the inside looking out cannot be explained" - it is simply felt.

edit Traditions

One Aggie tradition is to spend all year waiting for one game to come and then basing your happiness for the next twelve months on the outcome of said game.

Yet another tradition of the TAMU is creating a huge bon-fire and dancing around it.

edit The Corps

Because Texas A&M is a recognized Senior Military College, the Corps of Cadets is a large body of mostly male students who constantly exercise, discipline freshmen, and uphold tradition.

edit Gig'em

A tradition, executed by a simple "thumbs up". The sign originated from a former coach who told the A&M football team to "gig the hell outta TCU".[Citation not needed at all; thank you very much] At that very moment, a new campus tradition was born.

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