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Tentacle monster is a racial slur that refer to members of Octopine American community. It came into popular usage when Japanese porn featuring octopuses raping unsuspecting little girls found its way onto American shores, leading to Octopine Americans being stereotyped as child rapists and getting labeled "tentacle monsters" by major news organizations. This also led to years of institutional racism, where Octopine Americans were barred from doing things like using public transportation or drinking from the same water fountains as their tentacle-less brothers. While such discrimination is less common today, "tentacle monster" is still considered very offensive in the Octopine American community due to the history behind it. The similar term "tentacle monsta", however, is completely harmless when an Octopine American is using it, but for Human Americans, it's still very offensive and should be avoided.

Origin of the term Edit


A particularly monstrous tentacle monster

Conservative publication The Christian Whiners Monthly was the first to use the term "tentacle monsters" in its current context. Bootleg VHSes of Japanese tentacle porn were just starting to circulate, and a copy managed to end up in the CWM office. Because it's not like they were looking for it or anything. That would go against the principles of the magazine. CWN ran an 18-page cover story on tentacle monsters and how they were destroying America. It was considered very brief for CWM. Nevertheless, the issue of tentacle monsters sodomizing people's daughters and committing other crimes they didn't commit started to pick up steam, and other, more reputable publications like the New York Times adopted the term when reporting on the effect of tentacle porn in the US. Three months later, legislation was passed that severely restricted the rights of Octopine Americans, legislation that would stand for 20 years, until the Supreme Court struck it down in the historic Octopi United vs. United States decision.

Monster vs. monsta Edit

The use of the term "tentacle monsta" by Octopine American comedians and rappers has led to backlash from the more traditionalist members of the social group. Whether or not Octopine Americans should use the term has been a source of great controversy, but one thing both sides can agree on it that the tentacle-less should never use it. Ever.

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