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I think it should work better if you should use this code:

{{NOLOGO}} <span class="noprint" style="position:absolute;top:{{{Assignment|-27px}}};left:-153px;">{{click-inline|image = {{{logo|WikiSU.png}}}|url = {{Server}}{{Localurl:{{{link|Main_Page}}}}}|width=150px|height=150px}}</span> <noinclude>Sets the value of the parameter ''logo'' as the site logo for the page. Optional ''link'' parameter designates title of page that will be reached if link is clicked. Example: '''<nowiki>{{Imageaslogo|logo=Msyclopaintia.jpg}} </nowiki>

--NecykloverzitaRáďa(talk), Necykloverzita's ambassador 20:00, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

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