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What does this template do, and whatever it is that is does, you can you make it do with fewer words? --Mn-z 06:35, December 5, 2009 (UTC)

Mn-z thanks for the input. Have you ever noticed that legalese is full of unnecessary words? Did it occur to you it might be the joke? The template doesn't do fuck - meaning that there are other templates that can be used for the same job. It just plays a joke on legalese. The whole idea is to add this joke on some articles that seem to need a joke for being 1) boring 2) stupid 3) all fucked up or 4) all of that. So then. But since everyone can edit the template any which way it doesn't matter what the original looks like says. The Uncyclopedia Legal Department thanks you for your attention. Here's the bill. -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 20:54, December 5, 2009 (UTC)
As a rule, throwing unrelated gibberish into bad articles isn't helpful, and sets a bad example. Most in-jokes work on brevity. --Mn-z 05:30, December 6, 2009 (UTC)
As a rule, we all have a different idea of humour. As a rule, this is not an in-joke. Do read again, with this obviously necessary addition: as a rule, this is a joke played on legalese. As a rule, you can just go about shortening the legal templates the way you want to. As a rule, I'm then allowed to revert mine. As a rule, that's about to result in drama. As a rule, I'm not interested in drama. If you want the last word on this, go ahead and say it - for me, this discussion is over, and I'm glad if some admin just rules that it be stricken off from this page. It is totally pointless, and as a rule sets a bad example. -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 06:32, December 6, 2009 (UTC)
The above was my initial reaction, the drama version. Now I rethought since Happytimes asked for advice on what to do. Mn-z, you are correct in what you say. Please see the talk page of the Department main page for details. If nobody minds, I will leave the templates I have already dropped in their present state - and when appropriate, keep doing that since I still think it's a good joke whenever the article merits it somehow - but for general legal practice amongst the members of the department, I suggest what I suggest to Happytimes on the talk page. Or something similar. In short, make up a user page (or maybe later subpages in the legal dept. page itself?) and make a link to it from the template you leave on a page. I'll make this into a header on Legal Dept. talk page to spread the ideas in one place. Just as a totally relevant side note to what Mn-z says: the templates on the articles are not meant to be "unrelated gibberish". They should have some connection to the article to be funny. Are we clear on this one now? -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 09:05, December 6, 2009 (UTC)
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