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Archeologists find proof of additional day of the week...

Today, archeologists find ancient documents written at the time when God created man. This is the story of the text that was uncovered. God accually created 9 days! God's highest angel, Chuck Norris, heard of this and though it was a bad idea. After discussing it with God, God decided he was right and Chuck was wrong. This made Chuck furious. So for 40 days and 40 nights God and Chuck fought over the days. On the 40th night, Chuck gave God and spireling roundhouse kick to the face and was declared the winner by Don King. Chuck decided to roundhouse kick one of the days into oblivion and keep the other day for himself. This day is known as "Leap-Year". As a friendly agreement, God and Chuck made Adam write this down and bury it in the garden of Eden. Then Chuck used the deneuralizer, (made popular by the Men in Black movies), on Adam so he could never tell a living soul.

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