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Featured picture candidate


Image credit: [[User:{{{5}}}|{{{5}}}]]
Archive - [[Image_talk:{{{1}}}|Discuss this image]]

Uses following parameters:

Name of the file in the Image: namespace (excl. Image:) - e.g. Imagename.jpg
Size the image would be on the main page (incl. px) - e.g. 300px
Name for the image (and its nomination section header) - e.g. The Nominated Image
Informative text to appear alongside the image on the main page - e.g. The nominated image is to be voted on by your peers and, should it meet all the criteria, will get its own place in the front page featured image randomizer.
Name of the user who created the image (excl. User:) - e.g. ImageCreator
score (optional)
Sum of all votes for the image - e.g. +5

Example usage:

{{ vfp | image=Wiki.png | size=120px | name=The Uncyclopedia Logo | caption=Low and behold, '''[[Sophia|Your Lord and Savior of all things Wilde]]''' doth grace thee with His presence once again! | credit=Rcmurphy | score=+15}}

... results in...

Featured picture candidate

Low and behold, Your Lord and Savior of all things Wilde doth grace thee with Her presence once again!

Image credit: Rcmurphy
Archive - Discuss this image

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