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VFH health is the system used to work out when to remove VFH nominations. It is not used to decide what to feature, only what to remove. There's no specific limit for how low it goes before removal, but VFH is generally kept to around 20 nominations, and the nominations with the lowest health are removed first.

However, when two articles about to be featured have the same number of total votes for, the VFH health might be used as a tie breaker.

It is worked out using an equation based on the nomination's score and how long ago it was nominated. It is currently as follows:

\frac{S}{A + 2}    (as a percentage)

Where S is the score (for votes minus against votes) and A is the age of the nomination in days. The health is held at 100% for the first 3 days of the nomination, as long as the score is above -3.

The wikicode is currently:

{{#ifexpr:{{{age|1}}} > 3 or {{{score|0}}} <= -3 or {{{score|0}}} >= 10 | {{#expr: ({{{score|0}}} / ({{{age|1}}} + 2) round 2) * 100}} | 100}}%
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