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Good Small Nominated Article
This article has been nominated for highlighting on the front page—you can vote for it or nominate your favourite articles at Uncyclopedia:VFH. Please see this article's entry.
[edit] [purge] Template-info Template documentation

Use the parameter nompage to link to a VFH page with a different title from the current page's title. This is useful for articles that have been nominated multiple times.

Example: {{VFH|nompage=Filial Piety (∞)}}

Be aware: this message box contains hidden auto-generated code for placing a featured template. To have the text always displayed, add to your Uncyclopedia.css: .featurecode { display: inline !important; } (or you can simply view the html source to copy it). In most cases, nobody will care about this code except the current maintainer of Uncyclopedia:VFH.

Note: Pages with this template are added to Category:Feature nomination
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