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Article H T D Tag article

This is the active voting header template for VFD. Do not edit this template unless you have taken proposed changes to a forum vote, or unless you're an admin who knows what they are doing.



What will show up:

  • Name of the article with link.
  • H - link to the articles history.
  • T - link to the talk page of the article (if it exists).
  • D - Delete article in question (if it exists, otherwise Archive - opens a new section in the current month's archive page).
  • Survivor - This will show if the article has previously been nominated for deletion.
  • Tag - This will show if the article has not been tagged with {{VFD}}, and will link direct to editing the first section of the page.
  • Archive - Create new section in the current archive to add this nomination.
  • Featured - Article in question is in Category:Featured.
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