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Worldwide Forecast at a Glance:

  • If you are in London today, don't be surprised by the sudden appearance of excess light, the rest of the world calls it Sun. The cause was noted by a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil.


  • Over to Africa, there'll be cool breeze to start a warm day tomorrow, with a slight chance of guerilla warfare in the afternoon.

  • Acid tripping meteorolgists are putting together odds on bets for the new hurricane season this year.

  • In the orogenous zone, expect vertically erect systems to occur despite rear-end inflow.

In summary, if there was a chance that a kitten-huffing meteorologist wrote today's forecast, today would be that day.

Special Weather Report:

Beer is expected to pour from buckets and kegs today.

Global Warming Indicator

Statistically, this forecast makes more sense than some countries' foreign policy.

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