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Worldwide Forecast at a Glance:

  • Next week, expect the Sahara to be very dry, and well possibly the week after that too.

Humor phunny photo 03

  • Starting in Asia, it'll be misty tomorrow as if the mist were hugging the ground like an over-affectionate and rather damp dog.

  • Acid-tripping meteorologists may be responsible for continuing unprecedented Atlantic tropical storms.

  • In Brazil, a warm push is expected to cause overshooting tops, causing Rio to experience widespread mammatus.

  • In summary, be afraid, be very afraid. And that's all the weather.

Special Weather Report:

Hell was reported to have frozen over last night by mistake, Iran lends Satan few billion gallons oil for heat.

Global Warming Indicator

There is a 50/50 chance this forecast is wrong because nobody brought the "good stuff" to the office today.

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