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Worldwide Forecast at a Glance:

  • Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Florida will be hit by 17 simultaneous hurricanes, all of them with stupid names, some of them running out of rain and instead using slightly damp tea bags to inflict property damage.


  • Russia will have absolutely no weather this weekend. We still admit nothing...

  • Forecast alert: Expect 30 to 40 tornadoes to pummel dowtown LA and Hollywood with dropping box office receipts.

  • A cold day in hell is scheduled for sometime next summer.

  • As a note, God spoke to NOAA today, and hath said a large willy-willy is to be expected.

Special Weather Report:

Climatologists expect Margaret Thatcher to thaw out this year.

Global Warming Indicator

If its raining cats and dogs today, its likely that you have a bipolar mental disorder!

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