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Worldwide Forecast at a Glance:

  • Wales once again will become trapped within its own special atmosphere comprising mostly of rain and mist but occasional 'sheep storms' may appear in the late afternoon.

Humor phunny photo 03

  • Expect full sun in the Sahara today, tomorrow, and the next day.

  • Acid tripping meteorolgists are putting together odds on bets for the new hurricane season this year.

  • In Nebraska, far from the moist tongue, suction vortices may disipate due to a choking downdraft.

  • As a note, God spoke to NOAA today, and hath said a large willy-willy is to be expected.

Special Weather Report:

A pack of domesticated tornadoes escaped Oklahoma, and may be roaming loose near Canada.

Global Warming Indicator

This mornings weather was bought to you by Charlton Heston and his cold dead brother.

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