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Worldwide Forecast at a Glance:

  • Wales once again will become trapped within its own special atmosphere comprising mostly of rain and mist but occasional 'sheep storms' may appear in the late afternoon.


  • In India, no sun for at least a month or two, followed by a month or two of blazing sun every day.

  • On to Eurasia, there'll be some heavy thunder about as loud as a mountain goat fart.

  • In the orogenous zone, expect vertically erect systems to occur despite rear-end inflow.

  • In summary, it is expected to be a bad-hair day for Oscar Wilde.

Special Weather Report:

A pack of wild turkeys were spotted surfing tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

Global Warming Indicator

This forecast machine, instead of their astrologer, is used by the Bush administration to aid in weather forecasting for hurricanes.

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