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Worldwide Forecast at a Glance:

  • Next week, expect the Sahara to be very dry, and well possibly the week after that too.


  • Starting in Asia, it'll be misty tomorrow as if the mist were hugging the ground like an over-affectionate and rather damp dog.

  • Persons in south-east Asia are TSOL, expect hailstones the size of coconuts.

  • In Texas, excessive rear end inflow may cause bulging tops in vertically erect systems and later cause overshooting tops.

  • In summary, be afraid, be very afraid. And that's all the weather.

Special Weather Report:

A pack of wild hurricanes were reported to be cited with public intoxication and slamming into continents without a license.

Global Warming Indicator

The snow in Thailand is yellow whereas in China it is magenta!

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