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This template places a graphic near the top of an UnNews, in the form shown at the right, advising that a narrated version (UnNews Audio) is available.

The single parameter is the exact name of the MP3 file, including any prefix (in the File: space) and the file type (typically .mp3). The code that produced the display at right is: {{UnNewsAudio|UnNews--Romney-Ryan to re-institute Negro slavery.mp3}}

If there is a second parameter and it is left, then the graphic will float left on the page. The effect is shown here. It was produced with the following code: {{UnNewsAudio|UnNews--Romney-Ryan to re-institute Negro slavery.mp3|left}}

edit See also

  • {{InlineMedia}} produces an inline graphic (Gnome-speakernotes listen) that audio is available, for use on the Front Page and on the website main page.
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