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Israel is amazing and cainlenghlg in any meaning.its a small country but has so much in.geography,history,plants,wild animal and people -all got huge diversity.and all this diversity create a very spacial culture.the older generation of the Israelis had a very hard life but they manage to create a country from nothing-most of them came as pioneers and left all that they had to come to a place that seems blessed with sun wars but not much more.As these pioneers put a lit off effort and spend their life for it.Its interesting to judge the result.Israelis are amazing -they tend to say what they think but they have lots of warm love and ability to help to other people in critical time.As Israeli which live in England-(and miss home daily)I can say Its a great country but its a great challenge to live their and to be a mother(or a father) .and . Its never boringwith lots of loveofer

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