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This was all a direct spork of the most recent en.wp Template:Taxobox at the time of creation. It is no longer the one in use, but close enough.

edit About this template

This template sets up a taxobox. Although the implementation is complicated, it is relatively simple to use. See a wikipedia organism page for an for an example as their explanation appears to have been moved - for an instance, look at the edit page of Orca - [1]. Most parameters are optional, so if a particular entry is not relevant for your case, just leave it out.

edit Making changes (the polite way)

Before making any non-minor changes to this template, please make a copy of the whole template to your userspace and do tests there. This will avoid unnecessary load on the servers and prevent a large number of pages being screwed up. To edit and test the taxobox template in your userspace:

  1. Copy the text in the large edit box of Template:Taxobox to [[User:YOUR USERNAME/taxobox]]. Copy the whole text so that you don't leave anything out.
  2. Test the template with various taxonomies by copying the text of a plant/animal species or group to [[User:YOUR USERNAME/taxoboxtest]].
  3. Replace the {{Taxobox|...}} template used by [[User:YOUR USERNAME/taxoboxtest]] with {{User:YOUR USERNAME/taxobox|...}}
  4. If unsure, please check a few different animals and plants and groups
  5. Check the Template:Taxobox history, in case changes have been made while you've been editing
  6. Copy the whole text of [[User:YOUR USERNAME/taxobox]] back to {{Template:Taxobox}}
  7. Check that plant and animal pages still work.
  8. Request your userspace taxobox and taxoboxtest pages are deleted using {{tl|db-userreq}}
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