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edit Usage and Format

This template is designed to display a section header from any page of Uncyclopedia. The format is as follows:

{{ShowSecHead|Page to extract from|Section number|(optional) header for section 0}}

edit Special section numbers

Section number Result
0 With the use of only the first two variables, this will display the page name, however with the use of the third variable, this will display the 3rd variable
-1 Displays the last header of the page (NB: -2 cannot be used to display the second last section, and so on.)
no number input Treated as though it were section 0

NB: The header is returned with no formatting included. If you are wanting to have the header formatted to have the appearance of a header, please use {{H1}} - {{H6}}, as standard header formatting (<h2>, ==) can cause unusual results.

See also {{ShowSec}}

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