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This template is intended for use as an official Uncyclopedian notice to a user that he/she/it has been promoted.


The proper use of this template is:

{{subst:Template:Notice of Promotion|<image file>|<Promotee>|<Rank>|<Sig>}}

To use this template, place it on the talk page of the person being promoted. For the variable <Promotee>, type the name of the user to be promoted. Select the rank from the list below and use the appropriate jpg file name for the variable <image file> (e.g. UC-Army-OF1b.jpg). Type the name of the rank for the variable <Rank> (e.g. Officer Designate). For the variable <Sig>, use your signature in the form ~~~~ (four tildes).

Be sure to use subst: when calling this template in order to create a permanent document on the promotees talk page, suitable for transfer to anywhere they need to paste it.

Example: Promoting a user from Registered User or Officer Cadet.
{{subst:Template:Notice of Promotion|UC-Army-OF1b.jpg|SPIKE|Officer Designate|~~~~}}

Badges of Rank and their JPG file names

UC-Army-OF1c Rank of Officer Designate or Private User UC-Army-OF1c.jpg

UC-Army-OF1b Rank of Huffer or Second Lieutenant UC-Army-OF1b.jpg

UC-Army-OF1a Rank of Huffer First class or Lieutenant UC-Army-OF1a.jpg

UC-Army-OF2 Rank of Admin Candidate or Captain UC-Army-OF2.jpg

Admin-level Ranks

UC-Army-OF3 Rank of Admin (Sysop) or Major UC-Army-OF3.jpg

UC-Army-OF4-5 Rank of CENSORED or Lieutenant Colonel UC-Army-OF4-5.jpg

UC-Army-OF4-5 Rank of TOP SECRET or Colonel UC-Army-OF4-5.jpg

UC-Army-OF6 Rank of Bureaucrat or Brigadier General UC-Army-OF6.jpg

UC-Army-OF7 Rank of That Guy or Major General UC-Army-OF7.jpg

UC-Army-OF8 Rank of Chronarian or Lieutenant General UC-Army-OF8.jpg

UC-Army-OF9 Rank of Oscar Wilde or General UC-Army-OF9.jpg

UC-Army-OF10 Rank of Sophia or Field Marshall UC-Army-OF10.jpg

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