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Help and advice

Thanks for starting a new advertisement! To give it a long and witty life:

  • Use satirical point of view. Here, you can be stupid and not just funny.
  • No need to Cite your sources with the {{Source}} template. Be creative with the text, but use a real link if you want to, or assume whatever or wherever.
  • Alternately, do not use templates like: {{Original}} at the bottom if you pulled this out of thin air.
  • Images are out of the question, these are classifieds!!
  • Don't submit others' work, including just copying & pasting sections from articles. This includes most websites, even if you cannot see a copyright notice.
  • In particular: any picture or text lifted from another fake news site, and the plagiariser, will be

crushed by Tetrominoes.

Oh, and when you're looking for resources, DO NOT QUOTE INSTANT NEWS!!! (douche). instantnews.com is a domain stolen by a bot, which the dirty bastards who own the bot then flog it off to the highest bidder. So, unless someone hacks the dirty bastards and releases the domain, you should NEVER quote it. We want to see them crushed by Tetrominoes. (You can quote instantnews.org, but NOT .com, .net, or .biz. .cc is available if you want it.)

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