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Very much the same usage as {{Whoops}} but were this phrase seems more appropriate.

This template helpfully insults the intelligence of ignorant bastards who can't see the difference between two simple things.

Proper usage


{{NOT|Article title}}

which produces

Note: Absolutely NOT to be confused with Article title!

Multiple links

This template supports anywhere from one to five entries. To add more, just do it like this:

{{NOT|Article title|Page name|Okay, we get it now|This joke isn't funny anymore|I WILL KILL YOU}}

This produces:

Note: Absolutely NOT to be confused with Article title, or Page name! And neither with Okay, we get it now, or This joke isn't funny anymore! Most of all, definitly not with I WILL KILL YOU!

Alternate text

You may also use the alt1, alt2, alt3, alt4, and alt5 parameter(s) to provide alternate text for your link(s). Example:

{{NOT|Saturn is a Lying Bitch|alt1=a lying bitch}}

Which gives you:

Note: Absolutely NOT to be confused with a lying bitch!

The number corresponds to the index of the unnamed parameter you used for the link, i.e. the first link address corresponds with alt1.

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