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|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|[[Buffalo Bills]]}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|[[Buffalo Bills]]}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|{{RL|Baltimore Ravens}}}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|[[Baltimore Ravens}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|{{RL|Houston Texans}}}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|{{RL|Houston Texans}}}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|{{RL|Denver Broncos}}}}
|bgcolor="#FFCCCC" align="center"|{{Nowrap|{{RL|Denver Broncos}}}}

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 National Football League 
AFC East North South West
Buffalo Bills {{Nowrap|[[Baltimore Ravens}} Houston Texans{{{2|Houston Texans}}} {{{2|Denver Broncos}}}
Miami Dolphins{{{2|Miami Dolphins}}} Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs{{{2|Kansas City Chiefs}}}
New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars{{{2|Jacksonville Jaguars}}} Oakland Raiders{{{2|Oakland Raiders}}}
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans{{{2|Tennessee Titans}}} San Diego Chargers{{{2|San Diego Chargers}}}
NFC East North South West
Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons{{{2|Atlanta Falcons}}} Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants{{{2|New York Giants}}} Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers{{{2|Carolina Panthers}}} St. Louis Rams{{{2|St. Louis Rams}}}
Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints{{{2|New Orleans Saints}}} San Francisco 49ers{{{2|San Francisco 49ers}}}
Washington Redskins{{{2|Washington Redskins}}} Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seattle Seahawks
Terrell Owens | John Madden | Rex Grossman | Kyle Orton | O.J. Simpson | Scott Norwood | Al Davis | Dan Snyder| Brian Urlacher
Canadian Football League | American Football | Anti-Football | Real football
Patriot Act (football) | Football hooligans | Marching band | The Super Bowl

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