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Death Knight

This generates the name of a random monster or monsters, to be used for Zork death pages and the like. This is the singular form of Monsters, easier to use and more flexible in a larger scope.

For plurals, simply add "s".

Usage example:

"In an instant, one {{Monster definite}} suddenly appears and devours you!"

"In an instant, one Koosalagoopagoop suddenly appears and devours you!"


"In an instant, two Koosalagoopagoops suddenly appear and devour you!"

Please do not simply copy and paste monsters from Template:Monster. Collective nouns do not work! Remove the colletive noun and the plural "s".

"a team of rat-ants"



This is very important. Please, no external links! They look very bad with a plural "s" tagged on. Try to avoid adding anything with an irregular plural, for example "fungus" (plural "fungi") or "fly" (plural "flies"). Also remember: When you add options to this list, keep them alphabetized.

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