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Use this to set an image as a the logo on a page or add an image to the logo so it will work cross-skin.


Replace logo:


Alternately (old method, or to add an image without removing the potato):



  • 1 or src - image with which to replace logo; usage of src supersedes other parameters
  • image or logo - image with which to replace the logo
  • size - image size; specify as necessary
  • link - page to link to; defaults to the mainpage
  • top - offset from the top of the page
  • left - offset from the left side of the page; these default to about where the potato is, though not exactly)
  • layer - z-index of the new logo, if you care
  • visible - set a value, ie 'true', to keep the existing logo from being removed; use this to add images such as the feature stamp

Example logos:

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