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(Gnome-speakernotes [[Media:UnNews--{{{1}}}.mp3|listen]])

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A template that expands to be an in-line reference to an UnNews Audio. The reference appears as a speaker graphic and the word "listen". It is used to show that a referenced article also has an audio version, in the following contexts:

  • after an item in {{RecentUnNews}}, when an UnNews is mentioned on the Uncyclopedia home page, and
  • before the Synopsis in any of the five graphics in {{Lead articles}} when featuring articles on the UnNews Front Page.


The only unnamed argument is the title of the audio file. It is required.

It is conventional for UnNews Audio to have filenames such as File:UnNews--Name of news article.mp3

  • If your audio file does not start with UnNews--, then add to {{InlineMedia}} a named argument |start= with the actual prefix, if any. If there is no special prefix at all, add |start= and nothing else.
  • If your audio file is not an MP3 file, with filetype .mp3, then add to {{InlineMedia}} a named argument such as |filetype=.aac for an AAC file.


{{InlineMedia|India unveils prototype of $3 iPad}}

produces a clickable link to the file UnNews:India unveils prototype of $3 iPad.mp3

{{InlineMedia|India unveils prototype of $3 iPad|start=|filetype=.aac}}

produces a clickable link to the file India unveils prototype of $3 iPad.aac

See also

{{InlineMedia2}} is a way to render the name of the UnNews followed by the clickable link to the audio file.

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