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Street Fighter
Street Fighter Logo
Developer(s) CapCom
Publisher(s) CapCom
Platform(s) Arcade, various
Official website http://www.streetfighter.com

For use with articles about video games and video game series. All fields are optional.

{{Infobox video game
 |collapsible         = 
 |state               = 
 |title               = 
 |image               = <!-- Some image.png -->
 |caption             = 
 |developer           =
 |publisher           =
 |creator             = 
 |year of inception   = 
 |released            = 
 |genre               = 

 |platform            = 
 <!-- OR -->
 |platforms           = 

 |platform of origin  = 
 |port                = 
 |rating              = 
 |O-Wilde             = <!-- would {{name}} play it? -->
 |spinoffs            = 
 |website             = 
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