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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox award.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.
To view the template page itself, see Template:Infobox award.

Infobox award may be used to summarize information about an award.

edit Usage

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. All fields are optional and unused parameter names can be left blank or omitted.

{{Infobox award
| name           = 
| current_awards = 
| image          = 
| imagesize      = 
| alt            = 
| caption        = 
| description    = 
| presenter      = 
| founder        = 
| reward         = 
| year           = 
| year2          = 
| holder         = 
| winner_titles  =
| winner_title1  =
| winner_title2  =
| winner_title3  =
| winner_title4  =
| winner_title5  =
| preceeded      =
| followed       =

edit Parameters

Parameter Explanation
name Insert name of the award. Use the common name (typically the name of the article) if multiple names are used. If omitted or blank it defaults to the name of the article.
current_awards Insert the article name of the list or page describing the upcoming, current, or just completed annual awards/ceremony, etc. for this year. Omit the wikilinks "[[]]"; formatting is automatic.
image Insert image name (abc.jpg, xyz.png, 123.gif, etc.)
imagesize Insert image width. Be sure to include "px" after the number, i.e. 200px. If omitted or blank it defaults to 220px.
alt Alt text for image, for visually impaired readers who cannot see it. See WP:ALT.
caption Image caption.
description Insert a very brief, one sentence description of what the prize is awarded for (e.g. "Excellence in film")
presenter Insert the person, group or organisation that presents the award
founder Insert the person, group or organisation that established the award
year Insert the year that it was first awarded
reward What kind of reward does it get whether its prize money or medal. Eg: Nobel Prize $1.6 million
year2 Insert the year that it was last awarded
holder Current holder of the award (if applicable)
winner titles Insert name of category (e.g. "Most Wanted")
winner names Insert name of winner
winner title1 Insert name of second category (e.g. "General Knowledge")
winner name1 Insert name of winner
preceeded Insert the writing competion which preceeded this event
followed Insert the writing competition that followed this event

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