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Infobox actor
Date of birth: {{{birthdate}}}
An Infobox actor may be used to summarise information about a person who is an actor/actress.


The infobox can be added by copying and pasting the template shown below:

(Note: Only "name" and "birthdate" are required. Other attributes do not have to be included.)

{{Infobox actor
| bgcolour      = 
| name          = 
| image         = 
| imagesize     = 
| caption       = 
| birthname     = 
| birthdate     = 
| location      = 
| deathdate     = 
| deathplace    = 
| height        = 
| othername     = 
| homepage      = 
| notable role  = 
| academyawards = 
| spouse        = 
  • bgcolouroptional – background colouring, used in associated colours/projects.
  • name – the name of the actor; usually using the page name i.e. the common name.
  • imageoptional – an image of the person. The image must be given in the form "Example.jpg".
  • imagesizeoptional – The size can be adjusted to the editor's choice if 220px is not applicable. The size must be given in the form e.g. "200px". This can only be used if the image attribute is used.
  • captionoptional – a descriptive sentence that describes the image. This can only be used if the image attribute is used.
  • birthnameoptional – the actor's birth name.
  • birthdate – the date of birth (month date, year).
  • locationoptional – the actor's birthplace.
  • deathdate optional – the date of death (month date, year).
  • deathplace optional – the actor's deathplace.
  • heightoptional – the actor's height.
  • othernameoptional – alternate name(s) by which the actor was known.
  • homepageoptional – the actor's official website.
  • notable roleoptional – the role, or roles, for which the actor is best known.
  • academyawardsoptional – Academy awards (name of the award won , year, title of film, and ,if possible, role in film ), if any.
  • spouseoptional – name of the actor's spouse(s), given in the format Name (marriage year - end of marriage year, if applicable, "present" otherwise).

For example, see Helen Hunt.

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