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Airdate {{{airdate}}}
Frequency {{{frequency}}}
Area {{{area}}}
Format {{{format}}}

edit Usage

Copy and paste the infobox below into the desired article and fill in the answers after the equals (=) sign.
Note: some of the values are optional, see above.

<!-- Infobox begins -->
{{Infobox Radio|
image=  |
airdate=  |
frequency=97.6 [[Hertz|MHz]], 102.8 [[Hertz|MHz]] </br>and 96.7 [[Hertz|MHz]]|
share     = |
share as of = |
share source = |
area=  |
format =|
owner = |
website =
<!-- Infobox ends -->

Note: Pages with this template are added to Category:Radio stations

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