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Infobox President
No image
Political career
Order N/A
Vice President N/A
Term of office N/AN/A
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A
Political party N/A
Personal details
Nationality N/A
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth N/A
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
First Lady N/A

edit Usage

This template has many arguments, not all of which are apparent. If any are left blank, they will appear as n/a, or not appear at all.

  • name
  • image name
  • nationality (If not "american", this section, "order" and "vicepresident" do not appear.)
  • order (e.g. 4th, 5th, etc.)
  • vicepresident
  • date1 (start of term)
  • date2 (end of term)
  • preceded
  • succeeded
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • dead (If left blank or set to "alive", this section, "date of death" and "place of death" do not appear.)
  • date of death
  • place of death
  • wife
  • children
  • siblings
  • cousins
  • uncles
  • aunts
  • party
{{Infobox President 
| name=
| nationality=
| image name=
| order=
| date1=
| date2=
| preceded=
| succeeded=
| date of birth=
| place of birth=
| dead=
| date of death= 
| place of death= 
| wife=
| party=
| vicepresident=
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