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edit Usage

{{Template:Infobox Movie
|imdb_id = 

All of these fields are compulsory.

edit Example

Karate Kid
Karate kid 1 poster
Directed by John G. Avildsen
Written by Robert Mark Kamen
Starring Ralph Macchio

Pat Morita
Elisabeth Shue

Produced by Jerry Weintraub
Distributed by Columbia pictures
Release date June 22, 1984
Runtime 126 min.
Language English


Budget USD$8,000,000
IMDb page

{{Template:Infobox Movie
|movie_name= Karate Kid
|image= [[Image:Karate kid 1 poster.png|200px]]
|director= John G. Avildsen
|writer= Robert Mark Kamen
|starring= Ralph Macchio <br>
Pat Morita <br>
Elisabeth Shue
|producer= Jerry Weintraub
|distributor= [[British Columbia|Columbia pictures]]
|release_date= June 22, 1984
|runtime= 126 min.
|movie_language= [[English language|English]]<br>
|budget= USD$8,000,000
|imdb_id = tt0087538
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