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Barenaked Denver-Broncos
A typical Sunday in Denver
Motto: Go Broncos!
Civic anthem: La La La La La La La...La!
Settlement Type City and County
State Colorado
Country U.S.
Official nickname Queen City of the Plains
Official language(s) -Spanish
Mayor McCheese
Established 1858
Re-Established When the wild, hungry bears were banished
Re-Re-Established When the wild, hungry bears were banished...again
Currency Chinese Dong
Hours of Operation When we're not sloshed!
Dialing code Huh?
Population 635,000. Or 634,999. Sometimes, the bears win.

This Infobox template is used to generate a right-hand infobox in articles about real (or bullshit) cities. The syntax of parameters, with examples, is listed below.

edit Usage

All fields are optional. Also, most cities aren't funny enough for an infobox to be useful. Please don't use this infobox. Also, your city sucks, we get it. Guess what? Nobody cares. As a matter of fact, you probably don't want to edit Uncyclopedia at all. Go home. Go to sleep. Dream about having a life that doesn't involve editing a parody of Wikipedia.

{{Infobox City
|city_name          = 
|image              = 
|caption            = 
|image2             = 
|caption2           = 
|motto              = 
|settlement_type    = 
|state              = 
|province           =
|country            = 
|nickname           = 
|languages          = 
|mayor              = 
|established        = 
|established2       = 
|established3       = 
|currency           = 
|hours_of_operation = 
|dialing_code       = 
|anthem             = 
|population         = 
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