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Gets the result of whatever is in a {{SendVar}} on another page or within a sections of another page.

So if on a page - call it Template:GetVar/test page as an example, and on it we placed the following {{SendVar|first|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|penis|eight|nine|ten|leaven|hells}}

If on another page we added {{GetVar|{{Template:GetVar/test page}}|11}} we would have returned leaven

In order to use {{SendVar}} in a number of sections within a page, you can also use {{ShowSec}} to separate the page into various sections. So if, on the same page, under the second header we had {{SendVar|I|wear|my|sun|glasses|at|night|so|i|can|do|stuff}} and on another page we added {{GetVar|{{ShowSec|Template:GetVar/test page|2}}|5}} we would have as a result glasses

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