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Alert: Snowball's chance of greatness

A recent exhaustive study at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology has determined that the nature of its topic dooms this article to a perpetual state of mediocrity. Submitters should take heart that they've steered it clear of a worse fate. And hey, even snow has no reason to give up. Um, right? . . . Frosty?

In their cold-hearted pessimism, scientists would also like to remind you that unicorns do not exist, climate change threatens to destroy civilization, and excessive cowbell is far more likely to cause disease than cure it.

Sparty hell

Compare with another of somewhat similar purpose and different wording: Template:Random Twatdar. Twatdar is maybe more generally useful in that it does not clarify whether it's the topic or article that specifically to blame. I suggest putting this at the bottom so that people won't read the article with a biased view, but instead go something like "WHAT?" or (more likely) "Sigh, that's probably right."

Articles are automatically added to Category:Doomed to mediocrity. This template's arch-enemy is Template:Idea, and it does not make any sense for the two to coexist in the same article.

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