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German grammar will fuck you in the ass until you can't walk. Then it will tie you up and leave you alone for days on end with an all-you-can-eat buffet just out of reach. Then it will grate your face with a cheese grater until you are dead. Stay away from German grammar.

There are several different cases in German grammar. Depending on what part of the sentence you're in, everything about it can be changed, seemingly at random.

Nominative case: In the nominative case, nouns and articles are used in their natural form and require no special endings. This is never used. E.g.: Hansel schmeckt gut. Gut schmeckt Hansel.

Accusative case: This is the case when someone is being accused. Masculine nouns acquire the ending "-ending", while nouns of other genders are simply ignored. E.g.: Hansel hat Gretel geschmeckt.

Suit case: Used when the verb denotes an act of travelling or movement involving heavy packing of ones possesions. Masculine nouns have the ending " -manbag", Feminine adverbs have the ending "-handbag" and effeminate masculines have the ending "-louis vuitton".


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