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Women's Suffrage

Palin hot

Republican Party Pornography (also known as Red Meat) is the objectification of objects near and dear to the hearts of millions of red blooded (and redneck) Americans. As with other forms of pornography, it is the idea of putting on display those things and objects which would otherwise be forbidden and then objectifying them turns them into something exciting.

Republican Party Pornography may be as simple as taking the word and twisting the meaning into something that would flunk someone taking a high school vocabulary test, or it can be as complex as trotting former Alaskan Governor, and outspoken Republican and Tea-Party douchequeen, Sarah Palin onto a stage in Minnesota to say a few choice words, and out comes the penii of every horny Republican men everywhere to masturbate in the La-Z-Boy while watching the Repuiblican National What Convention. (more...)

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