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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have stolen the idea for this template about Template:Ad, and made their own version. This goes to show their own credibility.

Lets you display an annoying ad.

edit Usage


edit Advanced usage

If you need a specific type of ad, you can limit the pool to choose from:


x can be:

  • sky
  • banner
  • square
Note: If force is not specified, the default behavior is to only allow banners.

If you are using a vertical "skyscraper" ad and this text is not shown directly next to it at the top of the ad, fix your WikiML. For banner ads, this should be below the ad.
Images used in this template:
Skyscraper (sky) Ads:

Square Box (Square) Ads:

Banner Ads:

Free Pictures of nude bananas and other fruits!

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