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(added Joe Biden, a candidate in the upcoming election. Rob Portman will probably be the Republican VP guy.)
(Spell Huntsman's name correctly and provide a better link)
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[[Ron Paul]] |
[[Ron Paul]] |
[[Herman Cain]] |
[[Herman Cain]] |
[[Nobody cares|John Huntsman]] |
[[Utah#Politics|Jon Huntsman, Jr.]] |
[[Idiots|Rick Perry]] |
[[Idiots|Rick Perry]] |
[[Michele Bachmann]] |
[[Michele Bachmann]] |

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Candidates in the 2012 U. S. Presidential Election
Republican Candidates

Mitt Romney | Rick Santorum | Newt Gingrich | Ron Paul | Herman Cain | Jon Huntsman, Jr. | Rick Perry | Michele Bachmann | Donald Trump

Democratic Candidates

Barack Obama | Joe Biden

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