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On a rare appearanth, Teeth can be theen here lit in neon and dancing.

{{Q|They can say what they like about our teeth. I've seen Je For seven years the winner has been Ronaldo (the former Brazilian striker) who for 5 of the 7 years has got staright 10s from the judges. His latest show included eating a apple though a tennis racket and managing to foal the audience into thinking his teeth were football posts.

It has been reported that the competition may be stopped as contestants have been beheaded in some of the performances. But Madonna is pretty keen it will carry on and hopefully she may win the competition.

Ronaldo though was very upset with her comments and replied: "if that shitty old yoga cameltoed so called singer thinks she has got a chance to win this competition she has got a shock to her. She got more chance winning MOBO and we all know why she wont win that unless shes a white version of Micheal Jackson!"

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