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Sachiko Shinozaki from Corpse Party.

Teddies are soft, plush toys bought for children on birthdays or christmas, and are a sign that the parent rarely loves them. The are created by making a blood sacrifice to Theodore Rosiebelt, for whom these creatures are named.

edit Appearance

Teddies are usually bear-like in appearance, however, since some parents became aware of the danger that these 'teddy bears' possess, they have taken to disguising themselves as other animals, such as ponies or puppies, or dragons, all cleverly chosen as being the things children dote on. Some even appear human. This usually occurs when the teddy chooses to take on the appearance of the victim of the blood ritual.

edit Common forms

Teddy Bear
The most common. These can come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny brown surveillance bears planted in children's dolls sets, to huge and vibrant bears that gather at carnivals to have meeting when no one can get them.
Perhaps the second most common, can come with young to encourage toddlers to think it's cute and fall into it's trap.
Previously quite a rare sighting, now becoming more common, pony teddies can be life-like or other colours (most commonly pink).
Possibly the most dangerous. Cats are dangerous at the best of times, but kitty teddies are lethal. With their claws, teeth and black magic soul, they spell imminent and inevitable death.

edit Dangers

The most common danger is death. This can be due to ripped out throats, eaten limbs or even as part of the creation ritual.

However, those who are deemed too clever to be wasted, are possessed by the teddy and made to do evil under the guise of an innocent child. The teddies disguise will remain uncovered but their work will be done for them. (For more information on these kind of possessions, watch anime shows)

edit Creation ritual (blood sacrifice)

Steps to creating a teddy.

  1. Gather equipment:
    • Old cloth (for the skin)
    • An image of the desired form (Not needed for human forms, will automatically take on the form of the sacrifice unless otherwise told)
    • Sacrifice. This should be a child between the ages of two to eleven. Either sex.
    • Knife sharp enough to cut through flesh.
    • Bowl.
    • Something to hold the sacrifice down.
  2. Secure your sacrifice. The method for this does not matter.
  3. Lay the chosen skin-cloth on top of the sacrifice's stomach. Use as little or as much as you want.
  4. If you have an image of the desired form, lay this in the centre of the cloth.
  5. Use the knife to cut a square of flesh from above the sacrifice's heart. This works best if it is 2cmx2cmx1cm. Catch all the blood in the bowl.
  6. Place the square of flesh in the cloth and wrap it up. Watch the cloth take shape.
  7. Bathe the newly created teddy in the sacrifice's blood.
  8. Dispose of the used sacrifice and you are finished.

edit Fighting back

More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers any of these plush toys and joining Anti-Teddy legions to try and stop the spread of the squishy, lovable threat to the world. To do your bit sign up for your local army and join the war on these vicious beasts.

If you are unable to join a legion, do your bit at home by educating your children and ensuring the next generation doesn't bring these manaces into positions of power from which they could destroy us all.

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