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“ Money is not everything... Well fuck...”
~ Mitt Romney

What is Tech? Well my dear friends, Tech is a giant scam and tub of bullshit that makes Americans buy things like...

  • iPods
  • Vista(If you had not crucified the damn thing yet...)
  • Pretty much every single fucking scam and shit that was ever made. Like the SHAMWOW.

You think you feel accomplished for buying vista? Guess what you're a BIG FUCK!

edit Basic Summary of the "shitbricks"

The point is that Much of the the populous of America is consistent of buying the next goddamn fucking in-store "Shitbrick" aka Laptop or iPod(Which have there own name too!, there are called iCunts). What's next? well I can tell you whats next! Most of the population will eventually be condemned into a empire that will take over most of America and make people by "Tech" and the CEO of any tech corporation will be laughing in his tub, counting the fucking benjamins that he has. Well what you need to consider is to fuck that man to Heck.

edit Types of Tech

In other words, types of shitty money gobblers.

edit The iPod propaganda

This piece of shit came out in late 2001 and become a world-wide success, but not for us: more for the "shitsters" at Apple. It has become probably the most used piece of shit of technology on the market. It was reserved by people who can't get a phone, and for people who can not get a damn radio to listen to decent people. Instead they result in a prepubescent shemale named Justin Beiber. Really I could go on about that asshole, but look this is about Technology not shemales. Then Apple decides to make newly reformed iPods. Such as....

edit The Verdict

Tech is a fantastic thing to people who sell bullshit and want to become famous. In other words its all a spoof of something in the after life.

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