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This is too bizarre. Earlier today, I made a 'cave painting' of a bear zug-zugging a cavewoman for an article of mine, and pulled the name 'Zog' out of thin air. I swear!

Then I tripped across this page and the pic just meshes sooooo well with many of the bits of this article, it just had to be done. It was like, an omen, man. Oooo!

I'll link to my aforementioned article when it's fit for human consumption.   Sir Tooltroll, Esq. CUN  Eh?  Oh!  UnTunes! CannabagreenI Card-spades-up my cat! 14:11, 25 July 2006 (UTC)

lol looking forward to it. Fatmacman

lol thanks for keeping such a bizarre article alive and well for so long!! Made a few adjustments to keep it in line with what I had originally created. I think its time I started writing again, even if its drivel like this. =D

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