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edit Formerly a comment in the article

There's a very similar piece at 1900 on the timeline: I put it there, then decided that there was enough for a whole article. The preceding unsigned comment was added by LLBean (talk • contribs)

edit From Pee Review

Yes, the only funny thing about zeppelins is that they are ridiculously dangerous. I'm trying to make this a "straight-man" piece, with the textbookish style supplying a dose of absurdity. Does it work? Thanks. --LLBean

Humour: 8 Great pictures, funny jokes, not so sure about the kaiser birthday parties, definately a good work on the "straight man" part of it.
Concept: 5 Its just a hard topic you know?
Prose and formatting: 8 Formatting is sketchy at times, writing is good, maybe too long?
Images: 10 Those are the best, specially the first one, not so sure repetition works for the exploding flames deal
Miscellaneous: 6 Its one of those things were the procedure is pretty good but the idea is just not that juicy...
Final Score: 37 7
Reviewer: --Spaniard 02:07, 8 March 2007 (UTC)
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