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Add whatever you like, go nuts! Hell, it's hard trying to think of 10, let alone 100, funny titles!

If anybody can add some funny 'book content descriptions' to any title then by all means go for it!

edit Ahem.

This is Connory O'Riely with a couple of requests.

1. Please don't make more ones on the list. Replace some of the other, less funny ones.

2. DO NOT replace Mick Shagga with Mick Jagger. They are two very, very different people.

3. dont Iz uzing impropeer Speelingg anD Grammer?


edit Ahem II! The return of the annoying limey.

Now that there are 100, instead of 0 and below, there could be runners up (i.e.) 101 and above. Thank you...

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