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re: number 6 - buying all the lottery tickets gives you a 1 in 1 chance to win. I'm afraid the authors mathematics are suspect here. Lets start with basics, assuming a lottery of 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49, that's a total of 49 x 49 x 49 x 49 x 49 x 49 = approx 13.8 billion plus. The chances therefore of pulling out the winning ticket are 1 in 13.8 billion, so you would need to buy 13.8 billion tickets, where each combination is different. Now comes the clever mathematics, if you bought 13.8 billion tickets at a cost of say $1 or £1 each, then the actual weight of the money would be heavier than the whole goddam universe and we'd all be sucked into a black hole or similar, rendering the lottery result null and void. Therefore chance of winning = infinitely impossible, whatever ratio that is.

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