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edit Taco Wiz's Opinion

This article needs some MAJOR retooling. The sex euphamisms are funny, but the rest is pure shit. The satire on the decision to move into space is retarded, because that itself was satire. Has the writer actually seen the movie? Taco Wiz 20:18, 22 August 2008 (UTC)

edit Some Anonymous Dude

What?! they have screwed the damn article!

edit Buy our shit

I added the buy our shit section for a few reasons

1. Disney has got to be joking. Do they really expect us to watch a movie like walle, and then go out and buy their merchendise? 2. Disney sucks because they make the world's next drug addict porn stars. 3. Walmart (or MalWart) looks and sounds just like buy n large.

edit Buy our Shit is Shit

Man, that aint even funny. It needs to be erased. And yeah, this article sure needs a retooling. The gay wall.e is lame, screw that shit.

edit Proofread

this article makes my articles look like a frick'en english book.--vladimirKruscecev 22:54, July 20, 2011 (UTC)User:UNmarine777

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