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edit Video

/ˈvɪd iˌoʊ/


1. It killed the radio star.

2. The term comes from “I see” in Latin. I see injustice; I see immorality; I see misfortune. But I see courage; I see sympathy; I see hope. What do you see in your daily life that inspires you, that you would like to share with the ones you love?

3. Capturing the priceless moments everyone involved in CUCS Variety Show 09 would keep coming back to; carrying the purpose of letting the world know how hard they have worked.

4. Features in CUCS Variety Show 09: enjoy with the rest of the show, or simply on its own. And the story goes like this: The Wemmicks were small wooden people. Every day, all the small wooden people do the same thing--stick stars or dots on one another. Luke was one of them…

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