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I gotta lot more ideas brewing. You are allowed to take them away from me:
A picture of a (different) cup with the remains of the broken handle shown clearly to be at the right-handed side of the cup. Subscript: this is not an up

More verbs to use up with (I provide a brief pointer, you write the paragraph):

  • use up - a sob story about how ups are used all over the country in ways that seem inapropriate to the original purpose of ups, which was to protect computer servers in LANs from power failure.
  • close up: you will need some cardbord, a pair of scissors, and glue. Or ducktape
  • beat up: up cannot be beaten, because up is always on top.
  • sneak up: you might want to sneak your favourite up through international airport security. Here's how to go about it: <insert your insight here>
  • sign up: take your favourite magic marker, write your name on the up, and bingo. As a bonus, add some strange marker colours for the marker, such as aquamarine, vermillion, or peach puke. As an extra bonus, put in some cautioning about wanting to sign the up with a [dremel]

-- di Mario 17:36, 28 April 2007 (UTC) sry fergot to sign

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