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edit Tim Curry/Dr. Frankenfurter is NOT a trisexual

Tim Curry who played the role of Doctor Frankenfurter was NOT a fucking trisexual. Get your facts straight. He was a transvestite/cross-dresser and he was meant to be gay, but when Janet Weiss and Columbia came about, he ventured to try them. HOWEVER, he did NOT have oral sex with them like he did with Brad Majors and Rocky! In fact, he wasn't even a human! He was an alien from Transylvania in the galaxy of Transexual as well as Magenta and Riff Raff! If the person who put the picture up had seen the movie, they'd know the damn difference!

To add proof to it: I don't see him fucking an animal or the corpse of Meatloaf. He likes LIVING MEN.

Get your facts straight.

That's all.

And take the damn picture down. It's completely wrong for the entry.

First of all this is Uncyclopedia, second everything here is supposed to be HTBFANJS as this is parody/joke site. Thank you for your suggestion! When you feel an article needs fixin', please feel obligated to make whatever changes you feel are needed, (even though they'll probably be reverted 5 seconds later). Uncyclopedia is a wiki, so almost anyone can edit almost any article by almost simply following the edit link almost at the top. You don't even need to log in in most cases! (Although there are some reasons why you might like to...) The Uncyclopedia Cabal encourages you to be italic. Don't worry too much about making honest mistakes—they're likely to be found and corrected quickly, and your 6 month ban will fly by faster than you think. If you're not sure how editing works, check out proper wiki formatting, or use the sandbox to try out your vandalizing skills. DJ Mixerr 01:49, February 8, 2012 (UTC) DJMIXERR (talk)(contributions)

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