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he is such a loser, who has wet hands from the sperm in the pre game, that he can't hold to the fucking field goal snap.

if only jessica had her cock on the ball, he would have held onto it for the field goal, instead he is so horrible that the cowboys lose as usual, and romo sucks major donkey dick, as usual. After a less than impressive 2010 season, he fakes his injury because he wanted to go back to his guy friends, and jessica for a handjob party. While Jon kitna holds on to the ball, and his dick to pretect it from romos hands, he does pretty well when not screwin himself with a dildo

If he gets back to normal, he may limit himself from 50 interceptions to 49. That one pick being when he shoved the football up his ass for vaginal feeling instead of throwing to queers like ed reed. Rumors have it that instead of a mouthguard, he used a dildo as his protection, thinking he will never lose it, and treat it with care. He can fuckin suck dick for all i care, and eat everyone sperm in the fuckin state of texas that two bit butt pirate. O yeah, for pregame warm ups, he has jon kitna get a strap on, and fuck him in his ass so get excited. He then threw an interception because he cudnt stop staring at the sexy defensive ends rushing at him, thinking they wud knock his gay ass up


most dicks sucked most sperm eaten most interceptions most fumbles smallest dick most times having parts of dildos ni his cup most times chewing on a dildo most loses by a queer

edit Biggest Nerd/Fag

Tony Homo, a white nerd with the 2nd smallest dick in the world (Hasslinger has the smallest). This faggot might be the biggest butt clown I've ever seen in my life. In his spare time, Romo fingers jerry jones butt hole, he shaves his pubes, and he jacks off to gay porn The reason why Romo dropped the snap to the game against the Seahawks was because he still had cum on his hand from giving Wade Phillips and handjob. He also made his name on the top 10 gayest people alive.

1. Jack Hogan 2. Mr Chin 3. Tony Romo 4. Jon Kitna 5. Morgoofsky 6. Jerry Jones 7. Stephan Geez 8. Eleck 9. Mike Bibby 10. Peyton Hillis

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